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Dmc Mystic – Artist Bio


My artist name is Dj D.M.C. Mystic and I are an electronic music enthusiast and video game soundtrack composer.
I was born in 1972 in Belgium, originally from Charleroi, and I started creating my own music in 1986, the year when computer-aided software revolutionized the world of sound creation.
I used software like the famous Scream Tracker on my Amiga 500, a computer that marked a whole generation.
I was inspired by new electronic sounds and music produced by legends of Techno, a musical genre that emerged in the 80s.

I chose to remain anonymous and use different artist names to distribute my music widely in famous compilations of Techno and European Techno trance.
I did not want to invest myself fully in a musical career and I wanted to preserve my privacy.
I wanted to have a life like everyone else, far from the spotlight and the constraints of the profession of artist.

Since 2012, I have created my own personal label, Label Dmc Mystic, to distribute my music on digital platforms such as Itunes, Amazon, Deezer or Spotify.
You can listen to my complete discography on these sites as well as on my official site.
I also continued to collaborate with record companies specializing in techno and electronic music publishing. I’ve had at least 150 songs distributed worldwide under various artist names, but I can’t reveal much about that as I’m bound by contracts and commitments.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to participate in the Tiny Troopers project, a strategy video game developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Iceberg Interactive.
I applied for an ad on the fan page of Ejay, a music creation software that I used often. I was selected to compose the soundtrack for the game, which was a commercial and critical success.

Since 2012, I have continued to use Ejay’s software suites and their alternative sample packs to create music of all styles. I also use other software suites like Fruityloops, Reason and Ableton.

From 2018, I supplemented my musical collaboration and discography with the famous Remix Live application to provide new music tracks of all styles.

From 2019, I completed my musical collaboration and my discography by the famous application Groovepad to provide new music tracks of all styles.

From 2020, I drifted to another music theme, Epic & cinematic music, all this music introduced in my discography is native to the Ableton software suite.

In 2023, I am emerging from the shadow of famous native software like Modtracker, Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker, FT2 for the purpose of remastering my very old pieces of techno, techno trance, trance music and re-adapting them to the trends of our era.
A good reason to produce a range of psytrance and eurodance style titles.

Throughout this career as an artist, I testify in the greatest secrecy to produce authorized remixes of titles coming from our music superstars and to see them introduced into their own production and discography.
I cannot reveal much about this, as I am bound by contracts and commitments.
This is the same for video game audio tapes.

I invite you to discover my sound studio, where I show you how I use computers and software to create music.
To date, I testify to you that my label DMC Mystic is the owner and creator of more than 1200 official musics in addition to the remainder that I do not count in my number of musics. I only count my 1200 songs from my label.

Remain in the shadows a legal white label production all modern music star remixes distributed in underground web and formerly P2P

Thank you for your interest in my biography and I hope you enjoy my music.