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Rss – Portail & Artist

  • DJ Dmc MysticDJ Dmc Mystic
    My artist name is DJ D.M.C. Mystic, and I am passionate about electronic music and composing soundtracks for video games. I was born in 1972 in Belgium, hailing from Charleroi, and I began creating my own music in 1986, the year when computer-assisted software revolutionized the world of sound creation.… Read more »
  • Miss Dmc MysticMiss Dmc Mystic
    Miss DMC Mystic’s Gallery: A Burst of Beauty and Strength In the fascinating world of fashion and photography, Miss DMC Mystic stands out for her elegance and charisma. Her image gallery is a vibrant testament to the diversity and feminine power, where each snapshot tells a unique story of determination… Read more »
  • AbletonAbleton
    DMC Mystic, a label synonymous with innovation and grandeur, carves the sonic future of modern epics. With Ableton as their brush and inspiration as their canvas, DMC Mystic paints soundscapes that transcend the boundaries of imagination. Each composition is an odyssey, a journey through grandiose melodies and harmonies that resonate with the… Read more »
  • Fasttracker 2Fasttracker 2
    The Evolution of Music Trackers and Their Impact on Modern Production In the realm of music production, music trackers like Fastracker and Modtracker have played a pivotal role in the evolution of electronic music composition. These tools have enabled artists to craft music using sampled sounds and programmed sequences, offering… Read more »
  • GroovepadGroovepad
    Groovepad: Your Personal Music Creation Studio Envision a music studio where every tap is a note, every swipe a melody, and every press a beat. This is the experience Groovepad offers, a revolutionary app that turns musical dreams into tangible, audible reality. Groovepad empowers you to be the DJ of… Read more »
  • Remix liveRemix live
    Introducing Remixlive by DMC Mystic At DMC Mystic, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative tools that can change the way we create and experience music. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Remixlive, the ultimate remix tool that caters to all creative needs, from beginners to seasoned producers.… Read more »
  • EjayEjay
    eJay and the Digital Music Revolution Since its inception, eJay has been at the forefront of digital music, providing a platform for both enthusiasts and professionals to express their musical creativity. With a suite of intuitive software, eJay has democratized music production, allowing anyone to create impressive tracks without the… Read more »
  • Dmc Mystic LabelDmc Mystic Label
    Label Dmc Mystic - Top 1200 tracks creative & producer Play list sample & Universel sound theme       Summary - Quick access - Bio Artist Random Sounds For my 3 Angel (Drama & Diva mix) Dmc Mystic Label 4,018 Prophecy (prophecy mix) Dmc Mystic Label 2,656 Hardstyle (Happy… Read more »